We’ve just finished show 4 of Bells of Baddeck, all of them to FULL houses. 

It’s amazing to do this for the audience out here in Baddeck, but sadly that means that so many of you fine folks won’t be able to make it out to see it. 

So for all of you that can’t come out to Cape Breton here’s a recap of the live tweet I did for opening night. You’ll meet the incredible people (both on and off the stage) that make this show fly, but I’ll warn you there are a few spoilers (although since it’s based on Alexander Graham Bell’s life… there are also spoilers on Wikipedia..)

But if you’re planning on coming and really don’t want to know whether Alec and Mabel ‘make’ it, or if my character lives until the end of the show… 

You’ve been warned. 

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Opening Night Live Tweet: Bells of Baddeck

…. ya… I meant to write “live” not “love”… an auspicious start to my first live tweet….

Hope that gives you a little taste of the show. We’re having fun out here, and hopefully if you find yourself anywhere near Cape Breton in the next month you’ll check us out.